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Contact Etiquette

Lesbian Etiquette

Etiquette is just another fancy word that means manners, being polite in a social envioment. Some may think being polite can be very easy, however when it´s a new envioment and perhaps an intimate one you may get nervous, which happens all the time, and is perfectly normal.

When we do get nervous we sometimes forget how to be polite, so here are a few tips on etiquette.

Read someones complete profile/ad

Showing an true interest in a person, reading what they have to say about themselves and what they like in another womam before replying. Don´t write someone if they aren´t intrested in what you may bring to the bed.

Making contact

You´ll have a better chance in getting a response if you DON´T write 1-line comments, be polite and tell them what you like about their profile, be truethful.

responding to a message

Take the time to respond, if you´ve recieved a message from someone. They´ve shown an interest. Be respectful and considerate, again you are dealing with another human being.

Most of the time someone has had to gain enough courage to write you, thinking what to say so you notice them, you dont need to write a long message back, a simple short clear, and again polite, message is more than enough to get you point across.


Let´s not say hello with our genatalia.

If you do decide to send a picture, let´s start with a picture of your face. If the person likes you they will most likely ask for another one.

Some people don´t want a naked picture straight away, if they did, their profile would say other wise.